Our Services

Lawn Mowing

Weekly & Bi-Weekly lawn mowing available. All areas of lawn are mowed and trimmed. Driveways, sidewalks, and landscape are blown clean.

7 Step Fertilizer & Weed Control Treatment Plan

1 Early Spring: Slow Release Fertilizer and Crabgrass Preventer
2 Late Spring: Broadleaf Weed Control
3 Early Summer (both applications done same visit): Slow Release Fertilizer
4 Season Long Grub Control
5 Summer: Nutsedge & Broadleaf Weed Control
6 Early Fall: Turf Rebuilder Fertilizer & Broadleaf Control
7 Late Fall: A Strong Winterizer of Nitrogen Fertilizer

Core Aeration & Overseeding

Available in the spring and fall of the year. Core aeration helps loosen compacted soil and promotes oxygen release. When used along with overseeding, core areration allows new grass roots to take more quickly and easily. It also allows mature grass roots to go deeper into the soil. A deep and dense root system will help reduce weeds in your lawn and give your lawn a rich uniform appearance.

Leaf Bagging & Leaf Mulching

In the fall of the year it is important to keep your lawn free of debris. If left undone, bare spots may develop under thick leaves.

Shrub Trimming

Our complete shrub care service always includes a spotless cleanup, keeping your property looking its best.

Landscape Mulching

We offer mulch installation services in various mulch types: natural hardwood, dyed brown, dyed red, dyed black, and cedar.